IT & Cyber Security Business Operations

Strategic Planning. Services that helps your company define its strategy, direction and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue short and the long term strategy:

  • ​​Computer Programing, Design Services
  • ​System Integration
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Servers, Security and Firewalls
  • Data Processing, Hosting
  • Business communication services
  • Consulting and Communication services
  • Help Desk, Operational Governance, Policies and Procedures
  • 518210: Data Processing, Hosting, and Related; 541330: Engineering services; 541511: Custom Computer Programming Services; 541512: Computer systems design services; 541513: Computer facilities management services; 541519:  Other computer related services; 541612: Human resources consulting services

Mobile App Development

​Ready to create a mobile app for your business? Starting from business concept to mobile app development for both iOS and Android mobile / native and cross-platform solutions for any industry. For example, search for Destinys Link or DLPI in Apple Store or Google Play Store.  

Our team  designed custom mobile app development solutions, UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, quality assurance, business analysts transforming your dreams and ideas into reality. 

Consulting Services
Dee Inc., will provide the following strategic thinking and advice to enhance your business effectiveness:

Business Consulting: Help you and your company establish long-term objectives and specific strategies, evaluate and implement current operations, and develop recommendations for the future. Help implement changes within your company to accomplish specific goals, either on a project or a long-term basis, by analyzing your needs and managing development, implementation and training until it is completed.

Human Resources Consulting: Services that focus on the process of effectively using your company’s personnel to obtain your organizational goals.

Technology Consulting: Services designed to ensure the security and efficiency of your IT environment and operations, which in turn reduce risk of loss, improves the overall flow of business, and addresses any required compliance with data regulations in your industry.

Risk Management: Services that help you identify, assess, and manage current and future business risks, measure and monitor the effectiveness of your risk management strategies, as well as minimize risk by improving efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. 


Dee Inc., community service is done through its nonprofit arm Destiny Learning-Living Center (DLC)

DLC provides the following strategic thinking and advice to enhance your business effectiveness:

  • Supplemental Education: DLC offers creative, balanced and age-appropriate before & after-school and summer supplemental education for children in grades K-12.  DLC also provides career and business services to out-of-school youth and to adults requiring additional skill-sets, job readiness training or retraining prior to reengaging the workforce.
  • ​​Technical skills: Technical skills needed for entry into the global workforce and/or post-secondary education in order to become contributing members of their community. DLC learning services employs technology, partnerships, professional services and other activities that support and promote higher and life-long learning